Audit Services

First – we will perform a full closet survey for you. This includes an experienced 2- to 3-man team coming to your facilities where we will inspect each closet for the following:

  1. UPS quantity and condition, including: alarm status, age, warrantee status and more
  2. Hazards, including discarded batteries and out of service UPS units
  3. Rack status, including available space
  4. Closet condition including heat, supplemental HVAC, etc.
  5. Power needs, ensuring that your UPS units are not overloaded
  6. Power availability, free circuits, etc.
  7. Network connectivity, letting you know if your units can be monitored remotely

Second – we will enter your equipment into our monitoring program and come up with a program for battery and unit replacement.

Third – we will put your units under a warrantee program so that you would be assured of overnight replacement in the case of unit failure.

Fourth – We will compile all this information in a spreadsheet, with each closet labeled, and deliver it to you in an easy to read format. We will also include recommendations, such as battery swaps, unit replacement, etc. to get your closets up to the highest standard. Of course you are under no obligation to take any or all of our suggestions, but know that Power Edge specializes in UPS solutions and will be able to enact any of our solutions as well as offer a 24×7 service guarantee for whatever contract length you desire.

Fifth – The pricing on all this can be flexible and we can work the cost of the initial survey into the price of future purchases.

As an independent company Power Edge represents many brands and can come up with a range of solutions to fit any customer’s budget, existing hardware constraints, software needs or any other factor in order for the customer to know that their UPS solution is worry free for the duration of their contract with Power Edge.