Where to Find Emerson Network Power Products

Vertiv Zift

Have you had trouble recently finding and purchasing Emerson products and equipment for your infrastructure? There’s good reason: Emerson Network Power technically no longer exists, as they have rebranded under the name “Vertiv.” There’s no need to worry about losing out on the technologies you’ve come to love, however. PowerIT still offers the same high-quality solutions the IT world has come to rely on from Emerson’s products, just under a new name.

One significant reason for the company’s rebrand is growth. With their move to become a stand-alone company, Vertiv is now able to quickly accommodate for adjustments in the IT industry instead of waiting to address details with former parent-company, Emerson.

PowerIT’s Partnership with Vertiv

Our power experts are proud to provide all the best products and solutions from the leading brand in infrastructure solutions. Whether it’s UPS units or replacement batteries, our variety of reliable Vertiv equipment and accessories will serve your IT infrastructure’s purposes no matter the size of your operations. Some of our featured products include:

Vertiv Liebert EXM UPS

The Vertiv Liebert EXM UPS is a 3-phase UPS that offers up to 99 percent efficiency for increased uptime of your equipment. This scalable model can be configured for a variety of infrastructure sizes to fit your data center perfectly. Ideal for small to mid-size IT applications, this UPS is designed without a transformer to save on space and shipping costs.

Vertiv Liebert SN-TH Sensor

This modular sensor ensures you know the exact temperature and humidity of your rack to keep your equipment’s conditions safe. The Vertiv Liebert SN-TH Sensor is flexible and compatible with all kinds of infrastructures, as it can be placed anywhere in your data center to monitor the environment.

Vertiv Liebert MicroPOD MP2-220N

This maintenance bypass and output distribution accessory supports UPS products of 3kVA and below, allowing for safe maintenance and replacement of your UPS without compromising your equipment.

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