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Protecting Your Network Connections

Piggybacking, or when unauthorized users connect to your network, is an all-too-common occurrence. If you don’t have proper protection in place, hackers can break into your network and access classified information or even engage in criminal…
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What your need to know about UPS

Learn what you need to know for a UPS to work properly and offer protection for a facility's critical equipment from power outages and related problems. Check out this article at FacilitiesNet

Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Right Products for Your Mission-Critical Equipment

While all operations benefit from power protection equipment, each business has its own distinct needs. You’ll want to consider your specific operations when purchasing your power products to ensure your facility’s needs are being…
Data Center Cooling Solutions_Cold-Aisle-ContainmentVS Hot Aisle Containment

Hot or Cold? Which Aisle Containment Solution is Best

It takes immense amounts of energy to ensure a data center’s environment is suitable for the equipment it houses. Aisle containment makes your infrastructure substantially more efficient, offering 10-40 percent more power savings when…
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Where to Find Emerson Network Power Products

Have you had trouble recently finding and purchasing Emerson products and equipment for your infrastructure? There’s good reason: Emerson Network Power technically no longer exists, as they have rebranded under the name “Vertiv.” There’s…